Exhibition by Oleg Kumagin "Art Stones"

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The Russian State Library for the Blind will host a unique exhibition. On it you can see the works of the artist Oleg Kumagin, representing a new style in contemporary art - "ARTSTONES". This is a combination of paint and stone on canvas. First, a gem plate is glued to the canvas, and then a drawing is applied to it with paint. We can say that in Kumagin "stones speak", and the possibilities for creative self-expression, the new style is fraught with simply enormous.

A series of works-installations created specifically for people with visual impairments will be demonstrated at the RGBS.

These are tactile installations that combine different interesting textures and are accompanied by an audio guide. Stones, as you know, have a special energy, and you can feel it at the exhibition, studying the paintings tactilely. Kumagin uses, for example, such an unusual stone as charoite, which is found only in Russia on the Chara River. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and restores mental balance.

The themes of Kumagin's installations are very diverse - from flowers to images of eternity.

The exhibition promises to give many unforgettable impressions and to acquaint in detail with one of the most amazing trends in contemporary art.