The full moon is away from the bustle of the city

Butter on Canvas on Hardboard. Size 30 -30 centimeters

The full moon is away from the bustle of the city. The Gem is Siberian Jade.Sometimes we see that the night erases the reality of the day, and, at the same time, we can hardly recognize objects around us. Suddenly, they change color and shape making it impossible to understand what is real. This technique of the soft stretching of color, a minimalist image of the surrounding nature and Jade flying towards the moon convey the surrealism of nature. It is good to enjoy these feelings on a warm summer night in a village away from the city noise.


Jasper floating on the River of Time

Oil on canvas on Hardboard. Size 22 -32 centimeters This Oil on Canvas on Hardboard ArtStone portrays the gem Ural

Jasper floating on the River of Time. This ArtStone personifies the desire of all living things to move. The Bird, alike the unusual mythical Minoan creature, bears a likeness to an ancient boat which carried brave warriors across the Aegean Sea in search of heroic adventures. The Eye gazes toward us judging from ancient amazing times when the mighty Minotaur roamed on the island of Crete. The Oil replicates the palette of colors used alfresco in the beautiful palaces of the 5 and 6th century BC.

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