"Based on the movie " Rumble In The Bronx" with Jackie Chan"

Size 30-40 centimeters, canvas on orgalite, oil. Painting with jasper


Dark tower

Size 25-40 centimeters, canvas, oil Painting with Ural jasper


Winter road in the rural settlement Arhipiha based Arkhip peasant in the 14th century

Size 35 - 50 centimeters,canvas on orgalite, oil. Paintings with сalcite


Acrylic and canvas on hardboard

Size 20- 30 centimeters

My other interest is the application of a new, modern and unusual look at Khokhloma, Neo-Khokhloma. Khokhloma is Russian wood painting handicraft known for its curved wooden tableware painted in red, black, green, yellow and orange colors over a gold background. His Neo-Khokhloma is interesting and a fresh look at the classic Khokhloma